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Press release

Stainless steel aerosols’ removal

2016/11/18 | Press releases

Laval, November 11, 2016


Another positive gesture from Choisy Laboratories for environmental protection and user safety.


Newly available information from our suppliers reveals disturbing facts about the composition of aerosol cleansers for stainless steel, all manufacturers included. Many of these products are toxic and represent important health risks to users.


Given these new facts, Choisy Laboratories reminds consumers about its Enviro-Technik approach and announces that sales of its aerosol cleansing products for stainless steel will cease, in particular INOX as well as other products of known national brands. To be effective within 30 days


However, an innovative alternative is available. Developed by Choisy Laboratories and already adopted by numerous customers, the cleansing and polishing NANOX 2 (3788) is more than ever the safe, innovative and high performance choice for stainless steel, chrome and other metal surfaces. It is easy to apply, does not attract dust and has an agreeable aroma. It provides a brilliant finish, improves surface appearance and hides imperfections.


This product has no phosphates, EDTA, NTA or alkylphenols, does not damage the ozone, and has no CMR. It is made with easily degradable organic ingredients and respects the natural environment. It is not toxic for the user..


NANOX 2 is offered at an equivalent price to INOX for the practical longer-lasting size of 750 ml.


For more information on Choisy’s unique Enviro-Technik approach, please consult the following link:.