By Roxanne Bougie

GDG Environement, a subsidiary of Kersia Group, is proud to announce that on February 1st it moved in new cutting-edge technology installations.

In the image of the company, the modern accommodations of 11 000 square feet are located at 1100, Technoparc place, on the magnificent site of Trois-Rivières on Saint-Lawrence, in Trois-Rivières. Consequently, GDG Environment will be able to continue its mission, which is to develop products and services, as well as achieve a level of specialization that is unique in Canada.


« This is a milestone for our company. We are excited for the continued growth and the expansion of our service offering to better meet the emerging needs of our current and future clientele »

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of GDG Environment, Patrice Gervais



The scientific team of GDG Environment will have access to many laboratories, which includes highly specialized level 2 equipment. This will allow the team to better answer the public and forest health needs and serve a clientele having specific requests concerning environmental monitoring

Finally, those new installations will allow for the installation of a production unit of FraxiProtec™, a biological tool to fight against emerald ash borer (EAB), currently under evaluation for registration in Canada and in the United States.


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