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Chemistry and biotechnology serving sanitation for a clean environment


Choisy-Tek Eco Solutions’ goal is to implement an efficient hygiene & sanitation program while considering:

  • products and work method standardization;
  • the amount of products in use;
  • training;
  • instructional visual aid supportive of training;
  • the implementing of dilution systems;
  • the use of high concentration products;
  • the control over dilutions and costs;
  • the use of environmentally friendly products;
  • the impact on the health and well-being of patients, residents and users.

HYGI-GLOBAL by Choisy-Tek

HYGI-GLOBAL integrates the following products & services:

  • The client’s Eco-profile
  • Hygiene/sanitation assessment
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Environmentally friendly accessories
  • Implementing a green hygiene/sanitation program
  • Choisy’s green certification
  • Online management resource center (MRC)



“HYGI-GLOBAL is presented like an « à la carte » menu, where the consumer can access products and services acquired at the time of the agreement.”

Eco-Profile & Hygiene assessment

Client’s Eco-Profile

Firstly, Choisy-Tek Eco Solutions creates an overview profile of the client’s levels and efficiency of sanitation/hygiene methods and evaluates ecological involvement thanks to its brand new module of the MIKADOWEB software. Once the data is gathered, Choisy-Tek Eco Solutions exposes to the client the potential improvements that can be achieved with solutions proposed in HYGI-GLOBAL.


Hygiene/Sanitation assessment

The hygiene/sanitation assessment is a complete analysis/diagnosis undertaken to offer a detailed depiction of a business’ assessment in terms of sanitation. A report including recommendations is also part of the assessment, Choisy-Tek Eco Solutions initiates this step once an agreement has been reached between both parties.

Environmentally friendly products

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

HYGI-GLOBAL integrates a wide range of hygiene solutions from Choisy, many of the proposed products are EcoLogo certified. These environmentally friendly products can fulfill every task relating to the sanitation and hygiene of an establishment.




Environmentally friendly accessories

As with the hygiene solutions, HYGI-GLOBAL integrates a complete line of accessories that were specifically selected in order to meet environmentally friendly criterion.

Green hygiene program

Choisy-Tek Eco Solutions proposes the development of a green hygiene/sanitation program that fulfills the certification criterion of known organizations.

This program considers day to day activities and is customized to various types of establishments.

The steps towards the implementation of a hygiene program are the following:

  • evaluation,
  • diagnosis,
  • maintenance specifications,
  • improvement plan,
  • quality audit,
  • global implementation.

The customized “green” cleaning program, procedure sheets as well as the hygiene plans are tools that facilitate the implementation of the program.

Example of application program personalized according to your needs

Hygiene plan

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Choisy’s green certification

Green certification highlights a company’s dedication and engagement towards the environment and sustainable development.

The company will obtain green certification if they comply to 70% of the criterion established in the green hygiene program.

Resource center

The Online management resource center (MRC) is the improved version of the computerized component.

From now on, data and information will be available online without requiring you to install additional software. The MRC is an important tool to optimize and assist your decision-making process.

The online management resource center fully integrates preliminary data obtained by various high performance software modules, enabling the client to undertake a cost effective, and efficient:

  • sanitation management of buildings;
  • sanitation management for restaurants, hotels and food industry establishments;
  • quality-appreciation assessments for establishment administrators;
  • green hygiene/sanitation programs

The MRC can also be used as an interactive training tool for all categories of employees. The MRC allows the client to benefit from a greater work independence and liberty, simple day to day management as well.

A successful partnership

Adopting HYGI-GLOBAL by Choisy-Tek Eco Solutions, is CHOOSING :

  • A unique supplier in the field of hygiene that has the capacity to: analyze, establish, maintain and ensure the profitability of a sanitation program within an establishment;
  • Solutions that suit your needs;
  • Added value solutions;
  • Qualified professionals;
  • Evolving hygiene solutions;
  • Successful solutions.

HYGI-GLOBAL, ensures:

  • Cost reductions translating into increased profitability;
  • Improved hygiene standards and;
  • The recognition of a commitment towards a cleaner environment and sustainability.