JANUARY 21, 2020

Choisy Laboratories Ltd. values your right to privacy and is devoted to safeguarding your personal information. The following policy is an overview of the personal information we may collect and it summarizes to what ends we may use or disclose any collected personal information. The following policy also covers other important topics concerning your rights to confidentiality.

1. Privacy policy

Choisy Laboratories Ltd. is greatly devoted to protecting and safeguarding privacy over the internet. Additionally, personal information collecting, storage, use and disclosure over the internet and via email are done in compliance with applicable Canadian laws and legislation. To this end, here are the different types of personal data collected, stored, used or disclosed by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. when you browse/use/navigate the b2b.choisy.com website.

1.1. Information collection when visiting the Choisy Laboratories Ltd. website

Choisy Laboratories Ltd. may collect or use information by resorting to technological mechanisms allowing them to identify certain aspects of a user’s electronic environment. This data collection enhances the user’s browsing experience of the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. or collect statistics in order to enhance and improve the web portal. For these reasons Choisy Laboratories Ltd. may collect the following information:

1.1.1. IP address

When users connect to the requested webpage, the IP address may be transmitted to Choisy Laboratories Ltd. servers in order to execute the request;

1.1.2. Browser type and operating system

The browser type and operating system used information may be exchanged between your computer and Choisy Laboratories Ltd. servers in order to grant access to the site;

1.1.3. Site browsing information

The date and time of access to the website, the pages a user has visited as well as the address used to access the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. may also be collected via our servers.

This information is automatically exchanged between computers and does not enable personal identification of users; we will not attempt to personally identify users to this end using this information.

1.2. Emails sent to the [email protected] email address.

Should you choose to submit personal information via email to the email address indicated above, we will use strictly the information required to answer your request and follow up on your communications. However, we do not encourage you to provide us with personal information via the email address indicated above.

1.3. Member services:

The personal information that we collect is gathered via forms and thanks to the interactivity established between the user and our website. Additionally, as indicated in the following section, we use cookies/tracking to collect information relevant to the users.

1.3.1 Use of cookies

It is possible that Choisy Laboratories Ltd. May resort to the use of cookies. The cookies are installed temporarily in the user’s computer and will be deleted after a 2 month period of inactivity.

1.4. Data storage and collection

The personal information collected by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. Or user provided information may be kept by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. for an undetermined period of time or until the user requests the destruction of his personal information. Choisy Laboratories Ltd. does not commit to storing personal information for minimum time periods and may destroy the data at its own discretion. However, any personal information collected will be used solely for the purposes delineated in this document. For example, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. will use user-provided information to respond to a user request, to provide requested information on products or services or to follow up on orders users have placed. Please note that if you refuse to provide Choisy Laboratories Ltd. with required information, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. may be unable to provide you with the requested information concerning Choisy Laboratories Ltd. products and services. We will take reasonable action to answers your requests for information.

1.5. Security

The personal information that we collect are safeguarded by a secure environment. Our staff is responsible and liable for maintaining the privacy of your personal information. In order to ensure the safeguarding of your personal information we resort to the following measures:

  • SSL Protocols (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Access management – Authorized person
  • Access management – Concerned person
  • Network monitoring software
  • Autosave / backups
  • Digital certificate development
  • User ID / password
  • Firewalls

We commit to maintaining high levels of privacy by incorporating the latest technologies and innovations in order to provide a safe and private environment and maintain the privacy of your transactions. However, as no technological mechanism is completely flawless, it is impossible to completely mitigate the risks associated with sharing personal information over the internet.

2. Link towards external sites

The b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. provides hyperlinks to external websites. Personal information and confidential information is no longer subject to the privacy policy of the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. Consequently, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. cannot be held liable or responsible for the collection, use, disclosure or storage or personal and confidential information exchanged between users and the websites suggested in the hyperlinks.

3. Trademarks & intellectual property

3.1. Trademark

Choisy Laboratories Ltd., its logo and any graphical representation related to Choisy Laboratories Ltd. and the b2b.choisy.com website and affiliated services constitute registered trademarks. Unless written consent by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. and a third party is provided, the use of the services offered over the b2b.choisy.com website does not in any event grant permission to use Choisy Laboratories Ltd. trademarks. All other product names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

3.2. Intellectual property

It is unlawful for anyone to copy, distribute, transmit, share, represent, reproduce, publish, licence, transfer or sell any information contained in the b2b.choisy.com website, through products or services obtained via the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. nor is it permitted to create works in any shape or form using elements previously delineated and obtained via the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. 
Any use of resources, services or other information contained on the Choisy Laboratories Ltd. make mention of the source of the information explicitly in an obvious representation or manner. For example, is you reference the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. using hyperlinks, framing, or any other technological mechanisms, these links must necessarily mention the source, in this case b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd.

4. Choisy Laboratories LTD. Limited liability

4.1. Choisy Laboratories Ltd. Can at any time modify or void the following provisions.

Please note that any product, process or technology described in these materials may be the subject of other intellectual property rights reserved by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. and are not licensed hereunder.

4.2. The information contained on the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, and information will be changed, updated and deleted without notice. Choisy Laboratories Ltd. may make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or the programs described in this material at any time. Choisy Laboratories Ltd. can at any time improve, update or change the information associated to products and/or programs delineated on these webpages. The user is accountable for any decisions and actions taken as a result of browsing the information available on the b2b.choisy.com website. Additionally, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. makes no representations or warranties whatsoever about any other websites which you may choose to access through this website. Links provided by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. on the b2b.choisy.com website to such external websites are provided solely for your convenience and should not be deemed to imply that Choisy Laboratories Ltd. endorses those websites or any content therein. By accepting the terms and conditions of use delineated in this document or by browsing the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd., the user exonerates Choisy Laboratories Ltd. of any loss or damages incurred as a result of viewing the information contained on the b2b.choisy.com website.

5. Applicable laws

The terms and conditions of use delineated in this document are subject to applicable laws and legislation in the province of Quebec, any dispute resulting from using the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd. will be submitted to judicial district of Laval courthouse.

6. Terms of use acceptance

By clicking on the “submit“ button, or by browsing the b2b.choisy.com website operated by Choisy Laboratories Ltd., you agree to all associated terms and conditions. Choisy Laboratories Ltd. reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time. We will inform all users of our website of these modifications in a timely manner.

7. Information

For additional information with regards to the terms of use, or to access the data collected, as required, please contact Choisy Laboratories Ltd. at 1-877-3CHOISY 

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