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A Canadian company, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. was founded in 1946 by Yvon G. Trudeau, BA, BSc, a professional chemist and visionary who foresaw the emergence of the whole new public hygiene industry.

From the start, Choisy has focused on research, manufacturing and marketing of odour control products for various applications as well as specialized products for the dairy industry. Choisy Laboratories remains committed to its original philosophy: “quality and performance through innovation”.

Choisy’s founder successfully laid the groundwork for a dynamic, innovative company specializing in hygiene products and related services. The company rigorously applies chemistry industry standards to growing public hygiene needs, with the expectation that more rational sanitation control methods will result in improved public health protection.


70 years of expertise

For more than 70 years, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. has been a research and development leader in the manufacture of biochemical and biotech hygiene products for:70

floor care;

the food and hospitality industry;

general hygiene;

workshop and industrial applications and


The largest team of scientists in North America

Choisy Laboratories relies on its strong team of scientists and technicians, backed by, to: 260 other employees, Laboratoires Choisy:

Develop and produce more than 300 environmental chemistry and biotechnology products for the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.

Develop and produce basic chemical products such as chemical surfactants and emulsions, enzymes, and nonpathogenic strains of bacteria for biotechnological applications.


Reliability and partnership

Choisy Laboratories is backed by 70 years of research and development experience. The company is dedicated to innovation and the creation of added value for superior productivity, health protection and the protection of workplace, consumer and recreational environments. Choisy products are now sold on every continent.  The success of the Choisy product line is also based on its Enviro-Technik approach as well as its successful partnership program involving its preferred or exclusive distribution network.

Innovation and quality

Each Choisy product has been developed using state-of-the-art technology, combined with research programs exclusive to Choisy Laboratories. Stringent quality control procedures are implemented at every stage of the company’s operations. Unlike many other companies, Choisy has always developed its own chemical and biological platforms, relying on technical innovation and its own high performance products.

Competitiveness and satisfaction

Choisy is the only professional hygiene company in Canada to be completely integrated, from its scientific research programs (chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology), to the marketing of its formulas and its finished products, which are adapted to modern public and environmental hygiene requirements. Choisy has also become the largest Canadian exporter of professional hygiene products in Europe.


Development of added value

Choisy is unique on the professional hygiene market in Quebec, Canada and abroad.
The marketing of Choisy products and services is based on a highly effective analysis process designed to meet customer needs, through the development of added value, high performance and top quality at every phase of production, from design to marketing.
The most advanced scientific tools and marketing studies are used by a team of professionals to highlight the Enviro-Technik and economic qualities and advantages of Choisy products and services.

Knowledge transfer to clients

Choisy has always developed its own technological scientific and marketing platforms. The company also understands the importance of transferring knowledge to customers, and consequently offers programs on hygiene as well as operating software adapted to professional hygiene, which allows users to safely manage activities in the hygiene and sanitation sector.  To find out more, click on choisy tek eco solution. Learn more

Integrated marketing

Choisy’s clients, marketing partners, distributors and marketing teams are trained and supported by “technological applications managers,” whose mission is to implement and promote the product lines that most effectively meet the latest needs of clients in the area of public and environmental hygiene.

Research and Development

The Choisy research and development team, one of the largest in the North American professional hygiene sector, is staffed by recognized scientists, chemical engineers, biochemists and experienced technicians.

Working with ultramodern equipment in partnership with prestigious universities and research centres allows Choisy Laboratories to fulfill its mission of innovation.

Choisy’s research, development and quality control programs are designed to exceed existing standards and to meet more than 40 national and international regulatory control requirements.

The pace of the company’s development and continuous product improvement has allowed Choisy to quickly generate new product lines and maintain a major technological edge.

Quality Control

Quality control at Choisy Laboratories consistently exceeds hygiene industry standards for formulation, manufacturing and after-sales service.

In essence, every aspect of product design, from raw material to marketing, is strictly controlled to exceed the industry’s technical standards, to achieve superior application performance, to meet existing standards, and to achieve the company’s Enviro-Technik mission.
Choisy Laboratories performs more than 95 chemistry and biotechnology quality control tests in the laboratory to meet North American as well as international standards.  Instructions are provided on proper storage and handling conditions for all Choisy products.
Products are also tested to respond to several cycles of temperature variation and long-term stability standards, regardless of where the products are marketed.
Last, each Choisy product is identified by a lot number, which makes it possible to trace the original sample.

In the hygiene industry, Choisy sets the standard for quality, innovation and added value.


Choisy Laboratories manufactures more than 300 chemical and biotech hygiene products at its main plant in Louiseville, Quebec, which also houses its research and development facilities.

Close to 100 employees, technicians and researchers draw on their professional expertise to develop, produce and monitor Choisy’s top quality products and raw materials.

The Louiseville plant has a capacity of more than 100 million liters annually to meet national market demand and a significant portion of its exports in the innovative and value-added products sector.

Well located from a national and international standpoint, the Louiseville plant owes its success to the exceptional quality of its human, technical and scientific resources.

The company’s fully automated and computer-aided production and formulation procedures measure up to the highest environmental waste standards.

Logistics and Customer Service

In keeping with a corporate culture that focuses on quality, innovation and added value, Choisy has developed an effective concept to ensure proximity with its business partners and customers across Canada. The company serves its national markets and corporate accounts from its distribution centres plus a network of regional branches.

Centrally located in each principal market, each of these facilities includes a training centre, showroom and demonstration area, quick service counter, technical installation and repair services for proportioning systems, and an order and delivery department. Approximately 40 technical and delivery units serve clients daily from these centres, which also headquarter the regional marketing teams.

Choisy Laboratories ensures that regional users of Choisy products benefit from the same services through a national network of exclusive or preferred distributors.

Choisy Laboratories offers its national customers approximately 30,000 square meters of space dedicated to customer service, storage and logistics to quickly and effectively meet their needs.


biosolution Choisy Laboratories has been developing and producing products using its Enviro-Technik approach for more than 70 years. The research and development of new, safe, nonpathogenic strains of bacteria and enzymes as well as the design of new applications are evidence of Choisy’s expertise and professionalism in the field of environmental biotechnology.

Choisy’s Ambiologic™, biotechnology to serve a healthy environment

Choisy’s scientists and technical experts have been working nonstop to identify, channel and harness the forces of nature to effectively and safely clean up dirt, waste and odours that negatively impact our living and working environment.
As an early leader in enzymatic research and the amplification of nonpathogenic strains of bacteria and the first Canadian manufacturer of biotechnological and enzymatic hygiene solutions adapted to industrial and commercial applications, Choisy markets its products responsibly, and has developed application and inspection protocols for the natural treatment of odours, surfaces, wastewater, hydrocarbon residues and organic waste.

The biotechnological essentials for