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Chemistry and biotechnology serving sanitation for a clean environment


Since its founding in 1946, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. has focused on its primary mission: to develop and commercialize innovative and effective products that rely heavily on avant-garde technologies.

Content control and an emphasis on added value are instrumental to the development of Choisy chemical and biotechnology products. For instance, Choisy’s expertise in polymers, surfactants and emulsions has recently spawned Rodian and Visual Monitoring System® technology. Similarly, Choisy’s advances in biotechnology have led to the Ambiogenetic and Ambiologic™ approaches, that allow more natural and safer treatment of odour problems and of a large number of materials disposed of in the environment.

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biotechnologie Amphotech

La Macremul™ est une technologie exclusive à Choisy. Incorporée aux produits de dégraissage industriel de Choisy, elle permet d’optimiser la performance des séparateurs d’huiles usées ou celle des opérations de dégraissage en industrie manufacturière ou du transport, éliminant ainsi les rejets d’huiles émulsifiées dans l’environnement ainsi que les résidus nocifs causés par l’usage de dégraissants à PH élevé, de solvants organiques ou à base d’éther de glycol. VMS

CHOISY’s exclusive technologies

« At the very heart of the development, production, and marketing processes: CHOISY’s ENVIRO-TECHNIK. »


From its founding in 1946, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. has applied “Chemistry and biotechnology serving sanitation for a clean environment”. Choisy products have acquired a reputation for superior quality because they have always met their user’s needs and contributed to the protection of the environment by their respective usage or compositon, according to availability and scientific constraints.

There have always been charlatans who have tried to appropriate knowledge or the sciences strictly for commercial opportunism; today, while our society is more demanding in environmental matters, this type of charlatanism still exists.
To continue to set itself apart from the adventurers who attempt to profit from the professional hygiene industry, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. proclaims, in a responsible manner, its Enviro-Technik approach.

Choisy’s Enviro-Technik is the maximum utilization of the scientific technologies to formulate and manufacture environmentally safer products.

Choisy’s Enviro-Technik is also the assurance that all the technical and scientific means available have contributed to meet the market’s needs in terms of effectiveness, quality and ecology.

Enviro-Technik is therefore a serious, professional and responsible step in the process of developing, producing and marketing Choisy products.

Without minimizing the effectiveness or the environmental qualities of Choisy products which will undergo this process within a reasonable delay, it is in the preceding perspective that we pledge to use our exclusive Enviro-Technik seal.

« Chemistry and biotechnology serving sanitation for a clean environment »


biosolution Choisy Laboratories has been developing and producing products using its Enviro-Technik approach for more than 70 years. The research and development of new, safe, nonpathogenic strains of bacteria and enzymes as well as the design of new applications are evidence of Choisy’s expertise and professionalism in the field of environmental biotechnology.

Choisy’s Ambiologic™, biotechnology to serve a healthy environment

Choisy’s scientists and technical experts have been working nonstop to identify, channel and harness the forces of nature to effectively and safely clean up dirt, waste and odours that negatively impact our living and working environment.
As an early leader in enzymatic research and the amplification of nonpathogenic strains of bacteria and the first Canadian manufacturer of biotechnological and enzymatic hygiene solutions adapted to industrial and commercial applications, Choisy markets its products responsibly, and has developed application and inspection protocols for the natural treatment of odours, surfaces, wastewater, hydrocarbon residues and organic waste.

The biotechnological essentials for


Cleaning with detergents resulting CHOISY’s Amphoterics

CHOISY’s Amphoterics: exclusive technology introduced, among others, into detergents specific to the food processing industry.
For the last 25 years, Ali-Dher Fm-7, Ali-Dher and Aci-Dher have been essential elements within any food processing industry hygiene program. The amphoterics provide these highly efficient and economical products with properties specifically adapted to this industry.

CHOISY’s Amphoterics

Applying AMPHOTERIC technology to detergents   Disinfecting and sanitizing using Choisy amphoterics   Hand hygiene using an amphoteric-based product   BENEFITS of amphoterics vs. other disinfecting products

Disinfecting and sanitizing using Choisy amphoterics

Choisy amphoterics: an exclusive technology also introduced in disinfection products. In order to sanitize surfaces, two alternative products are at your disposal, either AMFO (3050) a highly concentrated disinfectant and rinse-free sanitizer, or AMFO RTU (3051) a ready to use rinse-free sanitizer. AMFO and AMFO RTU products should be used in any establishment where superior sanitation standards are required, including areas where food is handled and/or processed.

Hand hygiene using an amphoteric-based product

AMFO-DERM - 3645

AMFO-DERM – 3645

AMFO-DERM is instant antibacterial hand foam.

Characteristics & benefits

  • Amphoteric-based balanced formula foam. Used without water. AMFO-DERM is not a substitution to proper hand hygiene (washing your hands).
  • Soft on the hands.
  • Effectively and rapidly reduces the amount of bacteria on the surface of the skin.
  • Contains natural emollients that moisturize your skin.
  • Does not dry out the hands.
  • Leaves behind a non-greasy protective film.
  • No added scent.
  • Product authorized for use in the Canadian food industry.

BENEFITS of amphoterics

tableau avantages amphotères



Once again, Choisy laboratories exceed environmental certifications and have introduced a unique line of ecological products for the automated cleaning of dishes and linen in the hotel and restaurant industry. Aquaforce™ is the result of the latest advances in soft chemistry, incorporating new technologies for the dispersion and anti re-deposition of stains and soils, resulting in exceptional sanitation and cleaning performance.

The use of eco-friendly raw materials provides exceptional cleaning properties, improving the power of water without harming the aquatic environment. The introduction of Aquaforce™ in hotels and restaurants will allow the industry to contribute more rapidly to the collective effort to protect our waterways, by eliminating phosphate-based chemical solutions and harmful solvents, and improving wastewater treatment. Water is essential to every form of life; Choisy makes your life easier by giving water the power to serve professional hygiene.


Aquaforce™, « The force of water serving sanitation for a clean environment »

Laundry and dishwashing process, transformed   Automatic dishwasher and laundry washing machine   Conclusive results obtained   Food processing industry hygiene programs

Choisy’s innovative green technologies have transformed the laundry and dishwashing process

  • New technologies for the dispersion and anti-redeposition of stains and soils
  • The use of eco-friendly raw materials
  • Phosphate-free
  • Contributes to the collective effort to protect our waterways, by eliminating phosphate-based chemical solutions and harmful solvents, and improving wastewater treatment.
Aquaforce™ technology vs. Traditional chemistry

A: The Aquaforce™ washing solution | B: Traditional chemistry solution

Automatic dishwasher and laundry washing machine

Highly concentrated products. Usage concentration is very low resulting in minimal costs per use. Highly concentrated formulas considerably reduce the amount of input resources required and the amount of waste generated by containers / packaging.
Products are dosed automatically. The use of an automatic proportioning system is advantageous as it produces consistent dilutions and reduces wasting, thereby yielding better control over costs.
Highly effective anti-redeposition properties. This technology prevents grime and soils from resettling onto clothing and dishes. It also prevents limescale accumulations within washing machines and dishwashers. Costs are reduced by eliminating the servicing (descaling) of the interior of washing machines and by prolonging the lifecycle of mechanical components within the machines.
Phosphate-free. Phosphates are responsible for excessive aquatic plant growth, algae and cyanobacteria in our lakes. Using phosphate-free products contributes to reducing lake eutrophication. Third party test results obtained confirm and demonstrate that these products are phosphate-free. Furthermore, they exceed the requirements established by the Concentration of Phosphorus.
EDTA and NTA-free. Technology composed of eco-friendly chelating & dispersing agents that support and favour the action of water without disturbing the fragile balance of ecosystems when reintroduced into the local aquifer. EDTA and NTA are bioaccumulable chelating agents responsible for concentrating heavy metals into the environment. Using a product without bioaccumulable content is a necessary criterion to prevent the contamination of the food chain. Furthermore, NTA is classified as a potential carcinogen. The anti-scaling agents used in these products are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD testing, series 301 (A to F) and are harmless to the end users.
Ozone-friendly. Both of these product lines are completely harmless to the ozone layer. Most of these products do not contain & release VOC’s.
CMR-free. All of these products do not contain any known carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances.
Readily biodegradable organic substances. The organic compounds found in these products are readily biodegradable in accordance with OECD testing, series 301 (A to F). Using readily biodegradable organic substances prevents the accumulation of harmful substances in the environment.
Respectful of natural habitats. The composition of these products has a reduced toxicity impact on invertebrates, green algae and bacteria in accordance with Environment Canada’s biological testing methods SPE 1/RM.

Conclusive results obtained from comparative analysis

Propriétés séquestrantes

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Choisy products ensure a stable supply of ingredients consistently throughout the use of the container. On the other hand, for certain competitors’ products, the formula varies as the product is being dissolved, producing inconsistent results and performance from one wash cycle to the other.

Test demonstrating the emulsifying effects of a dishwashing solution soiled with oil.

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This test demonstrates the incredible emulsifying and oil-retention capacities of the Aquaforce™ solution (1) whereas the results obtained with the competition’s product reveals a very minimal zone where oils are captured by the dishwashing solution. To conclude, using Aquaforce™ products ensures superior cleaning performance on oily/greasy substances, produces exceptionally clean results and it allows more wash cycles to be performed.

Laundry detergent products stand apart by:
  • Revitalizing the colours of fabrics & textiles;
  • The outstanding softness resulting from using this line of products;
  • Neutralizing and fabric-softening agents are both combined in one single product;
  • The short cycle times required while maintaining optimum washing results;
  • Mild pH formulas that reduce the wear and tear of fabrics and washing machines.

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MACREMUL™, ECO-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY SPECIFIC TO INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTS. Choisy offers a line of Macremul™-based degreasing products for the automotive, transport and aeronautical industries, as well as for manufacturing industries, engine shops, machine shops and all types of warehouses. Macremul™ provides an eco-friendly solution while offering optimum sanitizing, cleaning and degreasing performance in industrial environments.

Macremul™, eco-friendly technology specific to industrial environments.

Macremul™ technology is exclusive to Choisy. Blended into Choisy’s industrial degreasing products, it optimizes the performance of used oil separators and degreasing operations in the transport and manufacturing industry, eliminating the discharge of emulsified oil into the environment as well as harmful residual substances produced by the use of high PH degreasers and organic and glycol ether-based solvents.

Visual Monitoring System

V.M.S.® (Visual Monitoring System) products are designed using interactive reversible technology called V.M.S.® Rodian. These chemical and biochemical products, colorimetric and inductive, ensue from the most recent developments of Choisy Laboratories Ltd.

Dead time, repair costs and training are considerably reduced.

The main assets of V.M.S.® Rodian technology are the temporary colorimetric reactions that allow managers and users to instantly assess the quality of work or performance of treatments. Productivity and the quality of work are thus mutually enhanced to create added value. V.M.S.® Rodian technology is an indispensable reference in the obtaining of recognized certification in hygiene, and is an instrumental component of any concerted qualitative process.