AmphoTech technology

Stabilizes and optimizes chemical interactions

AmphoTech is a technology based on amphoteric agents, which stabilize and optimize the chemical interactions between the different agents involved in a cleaning process. It can be incorporated into surface cleansers, skin cleansers and disinfectants.

A hygienic solution for the food sector.

AmphoTech technology provides hygiene products with all the properties sought for cleansers and disinfectants intended for the food industry. Under dirty conditions, amphoteric have the property of going beyond the perceptible and reaching microbes in the smallest nooks and crannies.

  • Disinfectant / Sanitizer
  • Wetting Effect
  • Food Detergent
  • Secure

AmphoTech in the context of a rinse-free disinfectant/sanitizer for the food industry

  • Efficient in the presence of organic matters, such as protein, fat and blood.
  • Leaves a residual bacteriostatic film contributing to reduce the propagation of germs.
  • No danger to metals, painted surfaces, wood, rubber, plastic materials and textiles.
  • Efficient in hard or soft water.
  • Efficient in cold or hot water.


  • Adheres exceptionally well to the surface, favouring prolonged contact time.
  • Penetrates efficiently into the pores of the materials for deep destruction of microorganisms.
  • Disinfects a larger surface than other disinfectants for the same quantity of solution.

AmphoTech in the context of a detergent for surfaces in contact with food:

  • Provides quicker action, reduces the mechanical action needed, increases user productivity.
  • Effective in soft and hard water, in a wide range of temperatures (cold, lukewarm or hot, based on application). Using warm water helps reduce maintenance costs.
  • Effective with a variety of application methods: manual spraying, low-pressure system, foam-generating system, pre-soaking, mopping.
  • Eliminates the risk of equipment breakdowns caused by high-pressure jet systems.
  • Creates a highly adhering foam, leading to extended contact on vertical surfaces for superior cleaning results.
  • Effective with residue from grease and from cooked uncarbonized food and uncooked food.
  • Easy-to-rinse foam.
  • Does not leave behind any sticky residue.

Safe for the environment:

  • No phosphates
  • Low aquatic toxicity (in dilution).
  • Does not emit volatile organic components (VOC).


Safe for users:

  • Very low oral toxicity (in dilution).
  • Gentle for the skin (in dilution).
  • Without noxious or irritating fumes.



A technology with two complementary effects

Photo 1: The exceptional penetrating power of sanitizers like Amfo allows maximum deep destruction of microorganisms and its increased dispersion disinfects a larger surface than other disinfectants.

Photo 2: Remarkable emulsifying power, allowing detergents to suspend dirt and thus facilitate the rinsing stage. The emulsifying power is effective even on porous materials!

Penetrating effect of disinfectants
Penetrating effect of disinfectants
Foaming effect of detergents
Foaming effect of detergents

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