Upsion+ technology

Performance, occupational health and safety, environment.

UPSION+ is a soft chemical technology for water-based degreasers used in industrial hygiene. It contributes to the employee’s safety and allows elimination of high pH degreasers, glycol ether-based products and traditional solvents.

Optimizing the performance of degreasing operations

UPSION+ optimizes the performance of degreasing operations or used oil separators.  

UPSION+ favours efficient separation of petroleum oils from the cleaning solution, thus allowing their recovery, particularly in degreasing fountains and oil separators.

  • Industrial Degreaser

UPSION + in the context of an industrial degreaser:

  • Superior moistening and degreasing properties, allowing efficient dislodging of oils and greases of natural and synthetic origin.
  • Aqueous formula with the property of separating oils and greases in emulsion and thus keeping the cleaning solution clean longer. The oil that accumulates in the degreasing fountain is recovered easily by the user to be emptied into an oil barrel for recycling.
  • Allows an extended useful life of the solution in the degreasing fountain, while maintaining high cleaning efficiency. The solution is replaced as needed instead of at fixed periods.
  • Controlled foam formula allowing the user to view the parts during cleaning.
  • Rinses off easily.
  • Product effective at room temperature.
  • Safe for cleaning metals, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminium.
  • Non-flammable.

Technical demonstration

UPSION+ technology
UPSION+ technology
Solvent-based cleaning solution
Solvent-based cleaning solution

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