VMS technology

VMS defines floor hygiene.

VMS technology is based on colours. The colours result from CHEMICAL REACTIONS and are called INDICATORS. VMS visually, instantaneously and periodically measures, specifies, reveals and controls the quality of hygienic and maintenance work, without additional investment.

VMS, a PLUS for the user and floor maintenance managers

VMS ensures that the entire floor finish has been removed during stripping, that the floor finish is applied uniformly, that the floor finish is totally dry and that the film is completely formed. This also indicates if an additional coat of floor finish is preferable to repolishing.

  • Visual Indicators
  • Floor Covering Regenerator

Can produce four types of visual indicators:


  • A floor protection presence indicator;
  • A stripping indicator;
  • A chemical attack indicator;
  • And a neutralization indicator.

VMS applied to a floor covering regenerator


  • FUSION is a polymer-based surface conditioner that reconstitutes the flexibility lost under the effect of drying caused by stripping, traffic and aging.
  • Adheres efficiently to different types of floor coverings (all substrates, except for friable substrates, such as slate).
  • Improves adherence of floor finishes by 30% to 50%.
  • Improves the final floor protection result by optimizing the conditions of application of floor finishes.
  • Is a visual control tool ensuring that floors containing asbestos are adequately protected.
  • Compatible with all floor finishes containing zinc.
  • Does not require sealer.
  • Easy to strip with the appropriate stripper.
  • Free of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic (CMR).

Technical explanation of VMS

Photo 1: The blue areas identify incomplete stripping.

Photo 2: All depending on the resulting colour of the test with Indik, this will determine the action to be applied: addition of a new finish coat or polishing.

Pickling reaction
Pickling reaction
Wear test reaction
Wear test reaction

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