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Kersia, the world leader in food safety, acquired Choisy Laboratories in July 2019. The integration of the competencies and complementary expertise of international players in biosafety solutions allowed the creation of a group capable of meeting the challenges that continually emerge all over the world.

Kersia offers all the players involved in the food chain’s overall approach to provide agri-food and agricultural biosafety, with our full portfolio of value-added hygiene solutions to prevent diseases or contamination in animals and humans.  Focused on the future, we help our customers anticipate changes, protect the reputation of their operations and companies, and maintain their sustainable performance.

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Food you can trust

From farm to fork, food safety is today the #1 concern within the food sector. With the emergence of new sources and forms of contamination, the immunization of certain bacterial sources and the desire to move away from the use of antibiotics, pesticides and chemical preservatives, the challenges are immense. Preventing risks associated with the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens to operators and to consumers is the primary concern throughout the food chain.  Everyone involved – farmers, veterinarians, suppliers to the farm industry, food processing plant operators, retailers…- has a stake and a responsibility in the safe production and processing of food. Failure at any stage means putting the life of consumers and staff at risk. Failure can have disastrous short and long-term consequences for a business. Failure can engage the personal legal responsibility of managers and staff.

Inventing solutions for tomorrow

Everyone involved in the food chain needs a business partner with the scientific expertise and field experience to deliver customized answers having identified the risks and critical control points. Food safety is our core field of expertise, recognized all over the world. Our products and services prevent disease and contamination in both animals and humans. Our global solutions approach delivers food and farm biosecurity. They are constantly reinvented and optimized from the sharing of results obtained on the ground and the findings of our R&D efforts, to guarantee full compliance with new regulations. We offer unique skills based on deep-rooted science developed globally and twinned with an empirical approach at local level to tailor our proposals to individual needs. We improve farm performance and add value to the food industry.

Most-trusted partner for food safety

100% dedicated to food safety, we intend to lead the way as the world benchmark operator and most trusted partner to our customers. Helping our clients solve today’s food safety issues is not enough. Enabling them to stay one step ahead will be our ongoing goal, both at a local and a global level. Focused on the future, we will help them anticipate changes with innovative and far-sighted solutions that improve consumer and operator safety, preserve their company’s reputation and boost the sustainable performance of their business.

Our highly committed employees are passionate about our mission and take pride in its noble objective. Exclusively focused on this ambition and supported by an engaged shareholder, we will devote all our resources, energy, regulatory and R&D effort to food safety. We are convinced that this is the best road to create value for all of our stakeholders (end-consumers, clients, public authorities, employees, shareholders…) and for society as a whole.

Kersia is

Our values



To believe food is safe, consumers demand total transparency.

We build long-term relationships by being open, ethical and fair. In a field confronted by sanitary and compliance issues, people trust us since we are true to our word.



Open culture is the secret to progress.

We learn and progress from the experience of customers, colleagues, and partners. Honest communication amongst people with different experiences helps us develop new solutions and make a difference.



Biosecurity needs an integrated approach to analyse and manage risks.

We eagerly engage our clients to identify issues and focus on their needs to get it right. We deliver reliable results and comprehensive performance by mobilizing the best of our skills and technical talent.



Food safety is challenged everyday by new and often unpredictable issues.

We constantly anticipate transformational change. We think “outside the box” when confronted with new challenges. It is in our nature to innovate and to approach our work with fresh but sustainable options.

From farm to fork, food safety is today the #1 concern within the food sector.

Kersia is a global leader in biosecurity and food safety with value added products and solutions to prevent diseases or contamination in both animal and humans at every stage of the food supply chain

The contribution of Choisy Laboratories

By its chemical and biotechnological solutions providing hygiene and biosafety for industrial, institutional and commercial groups, Choisy Laboratories enables Kersia to acquire new technologies, strengthen its presence in North America and develop in new subsegments.


Complementary expertise

Composed of recognized scientists, engineers, chemists and biochemists, as well as seasoned technicians, the Choisy research and development team is one of the biggest in North America in the occupational hygiene sector.

Working with ultramodern equipment in partnership with universities and recognized research centres, Choisy Laboratories Ltd. thus fully accomplishes its innovative corporate mission.

Quality Control

Choisy’s research, development and quality control programs are carried out in such a way as to exceed the standards in force as well as to meet more than forty national and international regulations.

The pace of development and continuous improvement of Choisy products allows the company to quickly regenerate its ranges and thus maintain a leading technological edge.

Choisy's divisions

GDG Environment

GDG offers multiple services that seek to improve the quality of life and protect public health, such as biological control of biting insects, aerial spraying to protect against the spruce budworm, fighting the emerald ash borer and prevention of infectious diseases, such as the West Nile virus.

RMS Équipements inc.

RMS is the largest sales, rental and service center for commercial maintenance equipment in Canada.

For over 35 years, RMS Equipment has been offering the best service in the industry. RMS Equipment is the expert when it comes to automatic scrubbers , burnishers, vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors, sweeping and all other equipment for commercial maintenance. Distributor of major brands like Windsor, NaceCare, Proteam, Nobles and several other establish commercial maintenance equipment manufacturers.

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